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Smart Industry 4.0 - Research and development

Thanks to its absolutely cutting-edge technological innovations in this competitive sector, Italyvacuum proposes itself not only as a supplier of vacuum systems but as a partner with whom to develop highly-customized projects.

Exceptionally high quality components, very low maintenance costs and extreme ease of us, make Italyvacuum products a sure key to success by maximizing the investment and shortening the amortization time for anyone who purchases them.

Italyvacuum uses only high-efficiency premium or super-premium motors that drastically reduce energy expenditure by rationalizing consumption in a responsible manner. In addition to having higher efficiency than traditional motors with the same power, they have a flatter efficiency curve as the load varies, so as to guarantee high efficiency values even in the presence of load variations.

A constant and accurate study of the air flow and of the electrical behavior of the motors based on various applications, is carried out in the company's R&D department, where the technicians in charge with appropriate electronic instruments obtain mathematical formulas that serve as an aid to the study of new prototypes.

For some models, powerful software is available which also allows the performance of various vacuum cleaners to adapt to the specific needs of the end user through frequency modulators integrated on the machine.

The interconnectivity (also wireless) between various vacuum cleaners allows remote control of an entire department or an entire factory, making the work of the operators exceptionally easy and accurate; as well as the possibility of being able to perform scheduled maintenance by integrating the Italyvacuum system into the existing corporate network.

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