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Chips and dust vacuum cleaners/collectors, our range of industrial vacuum cleaners


With a wide range of carefully and dedicatedly designed products, Italyvacuum is synonymous with excellence in the production of Chips and dust collectors. Whether it's cutting or milling metals, plastics, or composite materials, Italyvacuum's industrial vacuum cleaners, equipped with powerful fans and/or turbines, are used to promptly collect chips and dust, preventing them from accumulating on the floor, on the machines themselves, or in the air we breathe.

These industrial chips and dust collectors are essential devices for maintaining a clean and safe working environment. Our products are designed based on different suction and cleaning needs and offer high performance in terms of waste elements collected. Our wide range of products is designed to meet the needs of various sectors, from large industrial plants to small family-run factories.

In addition to centralized systems connected directly to machines, Italyvacuum produces almost all of its chips and dust vacuum cleaners on wheels; this feature allows for easier movement in the work environment. Moreover, this feature becomes even more important when, combined with the increasing modularity of its vacuum cleaners (in terms of power), it allows the composition of large systems resulting from multiple units connected to each other.

Understanding the needs of large companies that often express the necessity to always have everything under control, we have introduced sophisticated touch-screen control stations equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows real-time monitoring of the entire vacuum system's efficiency, adjusting settings, and intervening in case of anomalies, all with a simple touch. Controlling the system has never been so easy and immediate.

But what really distinguishes Italyvacuum in the production of industrial chips and dust vacuum cleaners, is its ability to offer innovative solutions outside traditional schemes. The unique approach to addressing clients' specific challenges results in customized solutions that offer greater efficiency, undoubtedly achieving superior results. The dedication to innovate and exceed customer expectations positions Italyvacuum as an undisputed leader in this field.


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