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The containers of the chips and dust division are specially designed to contain large quantities of dust, chips or swarfs and are usually placed between the suction point and the vacuum cleaner itself.

The traditional vacuum cleaners on the market have a maximum capacity of 160-180 liters ( 42-48 gal ) and for customers who use automatic work centers that carry out continuous work (24 hours a day), this capacity is absolutely limited, forcing them to stop the production process and empty the waste containers too frequently.

In order to avoid this problem and automate the processing cycle as much as possible, containers of the chips and dust with greater capacity have been created with automatic hermetic opening and closing via pedal or remote control on request, which also allows the replacement of the container in a very short time.

Although it can be transported manually on the wheels supplied, handling the full container is sometimes not easy due to the excessive weight. However, thanks to the conformation of its frame specially designed for this purpose, it can be easily transported by forklift.

If it is needed to empty the contents into an even larger container sometimes positioned outside the factory, the operation is possible with only the operator driving the forklift which, thanks to the aid of a particular release mechanism, allows controlled overturning and the consequent emptying in total autonomy.

By virtue of this system, the help of a second person is excluded without requiring any physical effort on the part of the operator who can comfortably remain at the wheel of the vehicle, thus complying with the regulations in force.

Container capacity:  600 Lt ( 160 gal ) / 1100 Lt ( 290 gal ) / 2200 Lt ( 580 gal )
Note: Automatic pedal opening

Available in ATEX version
Certifications available: C.E. / UL-CSA / CURUS
* available in all voltages and frequencies worldwide

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of the product

  • Main advantages of the system
  • Materials included in the basic supply
  • Optionals available
  • Configurable in different versions: with or without hermetic  cover
  • 100% steel frame and top closure structure
  • Non-marking pivoting wheels with integrated brake
  • Overturning and automatic emptying system with forklift thanks to robust protections in the front part of the container
  • Walls of the container made from a single thick slab reinforced by perimeter folds in order to make the whole assembly a single structure and improve its compactness
  • Accurate scratch-resistant powder coating
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable movement at head height
  • Possibility of equipping the container with a series of accessories designed for the specific application of the user
  • Lateral pistons for the fully automatic opening and closing of the hermetic lid via a convenient pedal or manual selector.
  • Fire Suppression System - A sophisticated system of sensors combined with advanced software constitutes the fire suppression system developed and certified by the company.
  • Liquid discharge valve for Container - The containers can be equipped with a discharge valve (normally positioned on the bottom) through which the liquids contained inside can easily be drained and captured.

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